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Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon (known as Animated Book of Mormon and The Keystone Series by Living Scriptures) is an animated video series produced by Living Scriptures and Splash Entertainment (formerly Crest Animation Productions, and originally Rich Entertainment), providing dramatic retelling of the Book of Mormon stories themselves. The series is produced in association with Liahona Productions. The copryight holder, J.S. Publishing, Inc. (formerly Liahona Productions, Inc.) The series was created to be a Church of Jesus Christ educational tool for parents, caregivers, and educators.

The series was directed by Richard Rich, former Disney director who also directed The Swan Princess franchise from Nest Family Entertainment, and other animated educational series for churches, schools, libraries, home educators and families with Nest Family Entertainment, the Animated Hero Classics, Animated Stories from the New Testament", "Animated Stories from the Bible and the K10C: Kids' Ten Commandments with TLC Entertainment (who also produced The Adventures of McGee and Me.

Broadcasts and Uses[]

Originally released directly to video, the movies are now available on DVD. Living Scriptures Learning distributes the programs and several of the episodes are now on a limited broadcast run on BYUtv.

Over the years supplementary learning materials have been added to the series designed to help develop core curriculum knowledge and skills, and aiming to build what the series' creator regard as positive character traits. They are used in over 100,000 churches, as well as by home educators and families.


The list is as follows, with a number in parentheses based on chronological order.

  1. Nephi and the Brass Plates (2)
  2. Journey to the Promised Land (4)
  3. Abinadi and King Noah (5)
  4. The Conversion of Alma the Younger (6)
  5. Ammon, Missionary to the Lamanites (7)
  6. The Brother of Jared (1)
  7. The Savior in America (11)
  8. Samuel and the Sign (10)
  9. Helaman's Stripling Warriors (9)
  10. Alma and the Zoramites (8)
  11. The Tree of Life (3)
  12. Mormon and Moroni (12)
  13. The Joseph Smith Story (Animated Stories from Church History)


  • Although the story of the Jaredites is in the Book of Ether (the fourteenth book), as narrated by Moroni, it takes place hundreds of years before even Lehi was born, so it is chronologically the first of the twelve stories.